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Coupling NBK

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Info Produk

XGT/ XGS are protected by design patent.
China : ZL2007 3 0154185.2
Korea : 30-0482301
Taiwan : D124815
U.S. : Pat. No. Des. D573, 166
Single piece structure with anti-vibration rubber molded between the two hubs
Available in high torque variety XGT
Identical clockwise and counter-clockwise rotational characteristics
Excellent electrical insulation
Operational temperature: -20 ~ 80
Split Coupling
Easy attachment and removal
In Pursuit of Optimal Design
Using the latest FEM analysis techniques, the construction of the anti-vibration rubber is designed to yield high torsional stiffness and torque. Additionally, the shape is designed to relieve stress from the jaws' inner diameter. By distributing stress uniformly throughout the jaw, product longevity is significantly increased ( patent pending)